You get better through practise, which required at some points alot of time out of school, in which both PSR & Bosworth always ensured I worked with the best of both so i could get my practise in and still maintain my education!

Sisa Ngebulana | Student

Reece Ushijima


“PSR has helped me in every aspect of my racing, greatly improving my race pace ,race craft and mindset. Before joining the academy in early January 2018 I was racing around mid pack in Japan and when I came to the UK i was initial at the back. In less than a year of being here I am now able to fight for wins with the best in the world , it’s been an incredible journey so far “

For someone that hasn’t driven anything at all before, Piers Sexton Racing was willing take me in and teach me starting from zero. Throughout the 1.5 year period, PSR has helped me progress from a novice to being able to race internationally on a high level. One of the many things i most liked and appreciated was that they never gave up on me and kept seeking the best way for me to find my limits for further progression. The experience I had with the team could not exactly be explained with words. Every second, everyday they treated me like family which created a comfortable atmosphere for me to race in. I would most definitely recommend people from all skill levels to join PSR for developing their mechanical and engineering skills, and ultimately the talent of driving and racing techniques.

Boris Yeung